Central Oregon's Mystical Funk-Trap Band

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Who is BeLoveski?


Beloveski and Friends will take you on a journey! This highly improvised band creates their soundscapes depending on the needs, intention and energy of each unique show. 

Genre-bending, meditative, innovative, chill, high energy, ecstatic…Beloveski and friends will take you where you want to go and beyond. Trap, rock, pop, funk, folk, originals, covers, meditative music medicine, and things you’ve never heard before… this rotating cast of some of Bend’s finest improvisational musicians will delight and surprise you with their range and expertise. They also love to get the audience involved and facilitate from the stage to make sure everyone is having a great or a deep time, depending on what the vibe calls for.

The heart-brain child of co-parent duo Andrew and Flow Belinsky, this curious collective consists of Central Oregon's most revered sacred improvisers. Beloveski and Friends are musicians, facilitators and community builders whose life mission it is to unlock the transformative force of music within individuals and communities around the world.

Check out the Beloveski EP on Spotify! Created by Andrew Belinsky with multiple collaborators, this 20 minute ecstatic dance journey will get you moving, feeling and give you a taste of the eclectic and innovative range of Beloveski and friends. 

The Belinskys homestead in Bend, OR where they host transformational music workshops and retreats on their land and in the forest.


Latest Release

"Golden Artifact" feat. Flow Belinsky and Zach Kursman

Artwork by Jasmine Kocie

Dance Journey EP

"Lighten Up" feat. Kill Dave, DTO, Zach Kursman, Flow Belinsky, Jose Dabdoub